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The Resource The viral storm : the dawn of a new pandemic age, Nathan Wolfe

The viral storm : the dawn of a new pandemic age, Nathan Wolfe

The viral storm : the dawn of a new pandemic age
The viral storm
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the dawn of a new pandemic age
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Nathan Wolfe
  • "Dynamic young Stanford biologist Nathan Wolfe reveals the surprising origins of the world's most deadly viruses, and how we can overcome catastrophic pandemics. In The Viral Storm, award-winning biologist Nathan Wolfe tells the story of how viruses and human beings have evolved side by side through history; how deadly viruses like HIV, swine flu, and bird flu almost wiped us out in the past; and why modern life has made our species vulnerable to the threat of a global pandemic. Wolfe's research missions to the jungles of Africa and the rain forests of Borneo have earned him the nickname "the Indiana Jones of virus hunters," and here Wolfe takes readers along on his groundbreaking and often dangerous research trips--to reveal the surprising origins of the most deadly diseases and to explain the role that viruses have played in human evolution. In a world where each new outbreak seems worse than the one before, Wolfe points the way forward, as new technologies are brought to bear in the most remote areas of the world to neutralize these viruses and even harness their power for the good of humanity. His provocative vision of the future will change the way we think about viruses, and perhaps remove a potential threat to humanity's survival"--
  • "The "Indiana Jones" of virus hunters reveals the complex interactions between humans and viruses, and the threat from viruses that jump from species to species"--
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The viral storm
Reveals the origins of some of the world's most deadly viruses while explaining the link between modern life and global pandemic threats and shares insights into how developing technologies may counter potential threats
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non fiction
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the dawn of a new pandemic age
the dawn of a new pandemic age
Nathan Wolfe
The viral storm : the dawn of a new pandemic age, Nathan Wolfe

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