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The Resource The end of illness, David B. Agus ; with Kristin Loberg

The end of illness, David B. Agus ; with Kristin Loberg

The end of illness
The end of illness
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David B. Agus ; with Kristin Loberg
"From one of the world's foremost physicians and researchers, a monumental work that radically redefines our conventional conceptions of health and illness to offer new methods for living a long, healthy life. After considering the discoveries that have led to progress in treating some diseases, Dr. David B. Agus asked an essential question: Why aren't we better at curing illnesses like cancer? Based on his groundbreaking research and the clinical trials he has conducted at the nation's leading medical centers, he came to the realization that we've been approaching medicine from a faulty perspective, and the best way to prevent and combat maladies like cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and neurodegeneration is to first embrace a totally new view of the human body. What Is Health? asks readers to reconsider everything they think they know about health--and give up believing many myths that may actually be causing them harm and decreasing longevity. These myths revolve around a spectrum of misconceptions, from the benefits of vitamins and supplements to the role of DNA in one's fate. In attempting to reduce our understanding of ailments to a mutation, germ, or deficiency, Dr. Agus proves we have forgotten that the body is a complex system. He presents a systemic picture of the body's vast mechanisms that drive it either toward or away from sickness, empowering readers to take charge of their individual health in very personal, customized ways they've never imagined before. Along the way, Dr. Agus offers insights and access to breathtaking and powerful new technologies that promise to transform medicine in our generation. He also shows that there is no "right" answer in health decisions. This is a radically different approach that will not only change how we care for ourselves, but also how we develop the next generation of treatments and cures. What Is Health? represents a dramatic departure from orthodox thinking that promises to revolutionize our quest for long, healthy lives"--
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The end of illness
Challenges popular conceptions to outline new methods for promoting wellness and longevity, arguing that traditional medicine has not been successful in treating serious illness while urging readers to embrace a systemic understanding of the body that incorporates the use of revolutionary technologies
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.A38 2011
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David Agus
The end of illness, David B. Agus ; with Kristin Loberg
The end of illness, David B. Agus ; with Kristin Loberg
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 307-312) and index
How a cancer doctor met his greatest challenge to end all illness -- The science and art of defining your health. What is health?: A new definition that changes everything -- A pound of cure: The simple ways to measure your health today and accept trade-offs in designing your health for tomorrow -- Go back to the future: Why it pays to know your history- and how to get it -- Rotten eggs and cute chicks: How environmental impacts can be huge where we least expect them, and insignificant where we most expect them -- Two French restaurants, one without butter: The weakness in DNA and the power in proteins -- The elements of healthy style. Proceed with caution: Studies, claims, and scare tactics -- The truth about synthetic shortcuts: How to save hundreds of dollars a year and rethink the need for supplements and vitamins -- The fallacy of "fresh": Hidden dangers and opportunities in your local market -- Hot and heavy: What NFL football players and nuns can teach us about deadly inflammation- and how to control it -- Running to sit still: The perils of a prolonged perch -- Timing is everything: The wonder drug of keeping a regular schedule -- The future you. High-tech health: How virtual reality and knowledge from the video game world may one day save our lives -- The give-and-take: How sharing our medical information can make us live longer and better -- The art of doing nothing: Honoring our body's natural healing powers -- Conclusion: Of Mice and Men and the search for the master switch: Do we have to die? My final notes of hope
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