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The Resource Mr. Lynch's holiday : a novel, Catherine O'Flynn

Mr. Lynch's holiday : a novel, Catherine O'Flynn

Mr. Lynch's holiday : a novel
Mr. Lynch's holiday
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a novel
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Catherine O'Flynn
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Mister Lynch's holiday
"Retired bus driver and recent widower Dermot Lynch grabs his bags from the bus's dusty undercarriage and begins to climb the hill to his son's house. It is Dermot's first time in Spain and the first time he's been out of Birmingham in many years. When he finally arrives at the gates of the crumbling development, Dermot learns that Eamonn, only one of a handful of settlers in the half-finished ghost town of Lomaverde, has fallen prey to an alluring vision and is upside down in a dream that is slipping away. But Dermot finds something beautiful and nostalgic in Lomaverde's decline--something that is reminiscent of his childhood in Ireland. Soon he is the center of attention in the tiny group of expats where paranoid speculation, goat hunting, and drinking are just some of the ways to pass the days. As the happenings in Lomaverde take a strange turn, father and son slowly begin to peel back their pasts, and they uncover a shocking secret at the heart of this ad hoc community."
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Mr. Lynch's holiday
Welcome to Lomaverde, a new Spanish utopia for those seeking their place in the sun. Now a ghost town where feral cats outnumber the handful of anxious residents. A place of empty pools, long afternoons and unrelenting sunshine. Here, widowed Midlands bus driver Dermot Lynch turns up one bright morning. He's come to visit his son Eammon and his girlfriend, Laura. Except Eammon never opened Dermot's letter announcing his trip. Just like he can't quite get out of bed, or fix anything, or admit Laura has left him. Though neither father nor son knows quite what to make of the other, Lomaverde's Brits Roger and Cheryl, Becca and Iain see in Dermot a shot of fresh blood. Someone to enliven their goat-hunting trips, their paranoid speculations, the endless barbecuing and bickering. As Dermot and Eammon gradually reveal to one another the truth about why each left home, both get drawn further into the bizarre rituals of ex-pat life, where they uncover a shocking secret at the community's heart. A funny and moving story about the clash of generations, Mr Lynch's Holiday is about how families fracture and heal themselves and explores how living 'abroad' can feel less like a holiday and more like a life sentence.
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M7 2013
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Catherine O'Flynn
Mr. Lynchs holiday
Mr. Lynch's holiday : a novel, Catherine O'Flynn

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