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The Resource Discovery! : unearthing the new treasures of archaeology, edited by Brian M. Fagan

Discovery! : unearthing the new treasures of archaeology, edited by Brian M. Fagan

Discovery! : unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
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unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
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edited by Brian M. Fagan
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Unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
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A volume of firsthand accounts by famous archaeologists, pioneering underwater explorers, and leading excavators and scientists documents significant findings from the past fifteen years, evaluating the ways in which they have shaped present-day understandings about human origins and history
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unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
edited by Brian M. Fagan
Unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
Discovery! : unearthing the new treasures of archaeology, edited by Brian M. Fagan
Discovery! : unearthing the new treasures of archaeology, edited by Brian M. Fagan
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 247-251) and index
World map -- Archaeology now: New finds and fresh perspectives / Brian M. Fagan -- DISCOVERIES FROM THE ICE AGE: New evidence from Africa : rewriting the story of human origins / Peter Andrews. The mystery of the skulls from Dmanisi, Georgia / Chris Stringer. The first Europeans and the pit of the bones at Atapuerca, Spain / Chris Stringer. Boxgrove : the oldest human fossils in Britain / Chris Stringer. The 'Hobbit' : an unknown human relative? / Chris Stringer -- TOMBS, GRAVES AND MUMMIES: The Iceman : a 5,000-year-old murder victim? / Chris Scarre. The Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen : men of Stonehenge / Andrew P. Fitzpatrick. New revelations from the pyramids of Giza / Zahi Hawass. The tomb of Tutankhamun's mother? : an 18th dynasty chamber in the Valley of the Kings / Zahi Hawass. Pharaoh's children : the tomb of the sons of Ramesses II in the Valley of the Kings / Kent R. Weeks. New Kingdom tombs at Saqqara / Alain Zivie. Where the living feasted with the dead : the royal tombs of Qatna, Syria / Peter Pfälzner. The royal tombs of Nimrud, Iraq : the treasures of Assyrian queens / Joan Oates. The great Ryzhanovka Barrow : an intact burial of a Scythian nobleman / Sergey Skory and Jan Chochorowski. The Valley of the Golden Mummies, Egypt / Zahi Hawass. Bodies from the bog : new insights into life and death in pagan Celtic Ireland / Eamonn P. Kelly. Warriors, musicians and acrobats at the tomb of the first Emperor of China / Zhang Yinglan. The Spitalfields Lady : the finest Roman grave ever found in London / Christopher Thomas. Moche tombas at Dos Cabezas, Peru / Christopher B. Donnan. Power and prestige : middle Sicán elite tombs of North coastal Peru / Izumi Shimada. The Red Queen and other new Maya tombs / George Stuart. Chachapoya : mummies in the Cloud Forest of Peru / Adriana von Hagen. Inca mummies : child sacrifice on Andean peaks / Johan Reinhard. The Prittlewell Prince : an Anglo-Saxon royal burial / Ian Blair -- TREASURES OF ANCIENT ART: At the origins of art : new discoveries of decorated caves / Jean Clottes. Black pharaohs : a cachette of statues from Kerma, Sudan / Charles Bonnet and Dominique Valbelle. A celtic warrior prince from Glauberg, Germany / Holger Baitinger and Fritz-Rudolf Herrmann. Artistic splendours from the Greek and Roman World / Mark Merrony. Turkey's Pompeii : the magnificent mosaics of Zeugma / Robert Early. The maize god and the mythology of kings : Maya paintings at San Bartolo, Guatemala / William A. Saturno. Torcs, coins and gold cups : ancient hoards from Britain / Jeremy D. Hill. The Hoxne treasure : a late Roman hoard / Catherine Johns. Spillings : the world's biggest Viking silver hoard / Dan Carlsson. Portaits in pottery : ceramic vessels from Lake Titicaca / Antti Korpisaari and Martti Pärssinen. Statues of the Buddha from Qingzhou, China / Jan Stuart -- LOST CITIES: Caral : the oldest civilization in Peru and the Americas / Ruth Shady. Pyramid City, Giza / Mark Lehner. Jinsha : changing the map of ancient China / Jay Xu. Towards a new Jerusalem / Roberta L. Harris. Saxon London, concealed beneath the city streets / Robert Cowie. Jamestown : the fort that was the birthplace of the United States of America / William M. Kelso -- ENIGMAS OF RITUAL AND RELIGION: Carved creatures from the dawn of agriculture : Göbekli Tepe, Turkey / Klaus Schmidt. Secrets revealed at Britain's Henges / Mike Pitts. The Nebra sky disc : the oldest representation of the heavens / Harald Meller. Helmets and war-trumpets : a ritual hoard from Tintignac, France / Christophe Maniquet. Symbols of religion and power : the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacán / Saburo Sugiyama. Moche ritual sacrifice at Huaca de la Luna, Peru / Steve Bourget -- DISCOVERIES FROM THE DEEP: The world's oldest boats, from Abydos, Egypt / Matthew Douglas Adams and David O'Connor. Alexandria underwater : Greek cities beneath the sea in Egypt / Franck Goddio. The ancient port and ships of Pisa / Stefano Bruni. HMS Pandora : the ship sent to find the Bounty mutineers / Peter Gesner, Submarine and ironclad : American Civil War wrecks / Robert S. Neyland -- SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES: DNA and archaeology / Brian M. Fagan. Ice ages, floods and droughts : the impact of climate change in the past / Brian M. Fagan. Ancient wine and beer / Patrick E. McGovern. Medical science and archaeology / Charlotte Roberts. Ancient writings : early hieroglyphs from Abydos, Egypt / Roby Wilkinson. Ancient writing : biblical inscriptions / Roberta L. Harris. Ancient writing : China's 'Dead Sea scrolls' / Wang Tao. Ancient writing : new advances in Maya decipherment / David Stuart. Ancient writing : deciphering the knotted strings of the Incas / Gary Urton. The Cascajal Block : the New World's oldest writing / Michael D. Coe
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