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The Resource Age of consent : a novel, Marti Leimbach

Age of consent : a novel, Marti Leimbach

Age of consent : a novel
Age of consent
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a novel
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Marti Leimbach
"From the author of Daniel Isn't Talking and Dying Young comes a shattering new novel, a page-turner about an estranged mother and daughter who must come to terms with their shared painful past Thirty years ago, June was a young widow with a hopeless crush on a Craig Kirtz, a disc jockey at a local rock station. To her surprise, the two struck up a friendship that seemed headed for something more. But it was June's thirteen-year-old daughter, Bobbie, whom Craig had wanted all along. Bobbie thought her secret life--the sex, the drugs, the illicit relationship itself--could remain safely buried in the past. But when she discovers that Craig had similarly pursued any number of other young girls, Bobbie returns home after a long absence with one purpose in mind: to bring Craig to trial. Her decision is greeted with mixed feelings. Some people think that bringing charges against someone for a crime committed so many years ago is unjustified. She's called a "middle-aged woman with a vendetta." She's accused of waging war against her own family. June remembers things differently from the way Bobbie does. Craig insists he has done nothing wrong. But the past has a way of revealing itself, and some relationships lay dormant through the years, ready to stir to life at the slightest provocation. While their traumatic history is relived in the courtroom, Bobbie and June must face the choices they made and try to make sense of the pain they endured while seeking justice at long last. Told with warmth and compassion, this is a moving, deeply absorbing story of a family in crisis"--
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Age of consent
Returning home after a long absence to bring a child predator to justice, Bobbie endures a revelatory courtroom trial marked by people who make unfair judgments on her choice, including her own mother, who remembers the past differently
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A74 2016
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Marti Leimbach
Age of consent : a novel, Marti Leimbach

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